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We have been involved in the gas industry since our formation in 1972. More specifically we have manufactured gas
isolation equipment for schools and kitchens since 1980.

The Firewatch systems are designed to fulfil the requirements of authorities by providing remote and convenient means of isolating the gas supply in the event of any incident. They also enable isolation of the gas supply outside normal hours to prevent damage through vandalism. As an experienced and independent company we are able to provide bespoke solutions to customers’ problems. Over the years the customer requirement has changed from requiring an emergency isolation system to also requiring prevention of vandalism and arson.

The Firewatch systems are manufactured to IGEM/UP/2 App 7 (formerly IM20) as referred in BS 6173 and IGE/UP/11 (replacing IM 25).

Firewatch & Fireguard Systems

The Firewatch and Fireguard systems provide a simple and convenient means of shutting down and isolating gas systems in Laboratories, as required by IGE/UP/11 (previously British gas IM 25) and in Commercial kitchens as required by BS 6173:2009. It also gives compliance with GSIUR 27(4).

The systems also provide emergency stop in case of an incident and ensures that when the gas is restored all the gas outlets have been closed and the gas pipework has no major leakage.

The control panel can be fitted with an optional interface PCB to allow control from time clock, BMS systems, fire alarm systems etc. Any number of remote KO buttons may be used, either as mushroom buttons, flush buttons or yellow break glass knockoffs


When used for controlling kitchens, the control panel can also be arranged to shut down the electrical supply. This enables one set of remote stops to isolate all electrical and gas equipment. If an existing electrical isolation system exists, then the power supply for the Firewatch can be picked up from this circuit or via its contactor. The isolation stop circuit will then shut down all utilities.

It is of course necessary to separate the lighting circuits and any essential power circuits e.g. freezers to ensure only the potentially dangerous circuits are shut off.


If vandalism is a cause for concern it may be desirable to isolate the water supply at the same time as the gas supply. This can be done by fitting a solenoid valve in the water supply pipe to operate via the Firewatch panel voltage free contact, in a similar manner to that described above or using our MK 5.

We can supply all necessary wiring diagrams, layouts and solenoid valves. When the Firewatch Control Panel is supplied for either of the above duties the standard fascia has an overlay indicating the different services being controlled.



Firewatch versions (Pressure proving)

Mk 2 Laboratories. Standard Unit for one gas line. Surface or flush mounting.
Mk 4 Multi-gas unit. Can be built to control any number of gases.
Mk 5 Kitchen or Labs. Multi utility panel. i.e. Gas, Water, Electric or any combination. Surface or flush mounting.
Mk 6 Kitchen applications with duplex airflow monitoring device (of both supply & extract) and buzzer warning of airflow failure.
Mk 7 Kitchen applications with single airflow monitoring device (of both supply & extract). Optional buzzer warning of airflow failure.

Fireguard versions (Non pressure proving)

Mk 3 Standard unit for Gas, Water or Oil. Indication of gas valve open and closed. Option available for boiler houses to auto reset after power failure.
Mk 4 2 panel lights to show both open and closed status of the gas valve. Also alarm & mute when the gas valve closes.
Mk 5 Multi-valve unit. Can be any number of valves. Key switch and light for each gas.
Mk 8 Kitchen applications with airflow monitoring device (of both supply & extract). Only suitable if all the appliances have FFD (Flame failure devices ie thermocouples).
Mk 9 Gas isolation and ventilation monitoring as the Mk 8 unit but also controlling the kitchen ventilation fan speeds dependant on the gas consumption.


ED910 Single remote gas sensor head connected to a control panel. Sensors available for all gases.
ED811 Up to 4 remote gas sensor heads connected to a control panel.
ED700 Large custom built gas detection system. Can have any number of remote gas sensor heads.
CO2 Domestic/light commercial/school panel combining sensor, traffic light concentration indication and panel with 230v fan control output.
CO2 Commercial kitchen wall mounted sensor with concentration readout, providing 4-20mA signal to allow speed control of ventilation fans.